Day 14 Around and about.

Two weeks into 2015, wow, that went quick!

Sat here trying to think about what to write.  To be honest as I was cycling my main thought was, ‘its a lot colder than I thought it was, should have put more layers on!’  My mind did not do much wandering other than that. Which has got me thinking that perhaps we do not do enough thinking!

Living in an age now where social media means that news and other sources of information are instant.  Comments made, leaving no room for thinking through a response and often reacting negatively.  When I was at school if there was a falling out among friends you went home and had room and space to think about it returning to school the next day the matter, more often than not, was forgotten.  Now though, no sooner has the school bell gone that texts are being sent, statuses being updated, tweets being tweeted and on and on it goes and the matter has no room to settle and people unable to move on.

The killings at Charlie Hebdo were meant to be vengeance for some offensive cartoons.  The magazine at that time had a circulation of about 300,000.  Todays publication had an initial print of 3 million, with an expected further print of another 2million!  Before the massacre I had never heard of the magazine, now though most of the world has and will see article upon article about what it is publishing. It strikes me that this offence should have been though through a bit more because whose cause has it actually benefitted?


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