Day 38 Got encouraged today.

This mornings ride I had the pleasure of my eldest daughters company as she cycled to work which was really nice.  Got her a bike a couple of weeks ago, a really smart hybrid with 3 speed Sturmey Archer gears.  Its incredibly light and looks really good.

Another cold but dry day, forecast for the week does not look too bad.  This Friday, the 13th February,  I have signed up to take part in, International Winter Bike To Work Day  Even though I am on a rest day that day I intend to ride to work and back again, hopefully folk reading this blog will want to take part as well.

I was kind of hoping that as I stared this challenge it would begin to stretch me, and it has.  I feel more and more confident with each ride I do.  I used to be the sort of person that started something and never saw it through to the end!  Much to my wife’s chagrin there were a number of unfinished ‘hobbies’ or ‘projects’ which I started with enthusiasm but after a while soon fizzled out!  I was a bit like that with jobs!  After leaving school I went from one job to another, if I got bored or just had ‘itchy feet’ I would move on to something else.  Thankfully the job I am now in I really enjoy and have been doing for 15 years this year.  But with the cycling I have found that, ‘I can do that’, and it has really boosted my confidence.  It started April last year.  Out of necessity I had to ride to work and also working with a couple of guys who were into cycling helped. It was really decent of them to take a middle aged bloke under their wings and we went on a few rides together and I found that not only could I keep up but I thoroughly enjoyed myself also.  Its so encouraging to think that this is how I feel after a month!  I am really looking forward to what the next eleven months have in store, watch this space.


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Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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