Day 45 Fatbikes!

Todays ride was one of, if not the, shortest ride I have done on this challenge!  The main reason for this is that I had a lousy sleep last night due solely to some raging toothache!  I am bit concerned that it may be a wisdom tooth causing me some agro! Anyhow the consequence of this is that I am now feeling grim!  Getting out into the fresh air did help a bit but I was glad to get back into the warm.

When I first decided to take on the challenge of cycling every day for a year one of the main ‘rules’, so to speak, was to be flexible and  spontaneous.  I didn’t was this to become a chore or be riddled with guilt if I hadn’t done so many miles in a particular day.  That’s not what I am aiming for, I want this to be fun.  In my mind I kind of have a loose plan which is as the year goes on and the days get lighter and warmer then the mileage and the routes will start to increase and then possibly ease off again after September, that said I am still flexible in how that goes.

On a different note I have been intrigued with the latest cycling sensation, Fat Bikes Having looked at these bikes I have one thing to say, ‘flipping awesome’.  I would love to have a go on one of these bikes they look amazing and I bet they a great fun to ride.  I am not sure that there are too many places in the UK where they would come into their own, there are a few forest trails I can think of that would be good but no desert and certainly not the kind of snow they are meant for.



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