Day 46 Triumph Aduersis Rebus

Early evening ride, cool with no wind, smashing!

A couple of things were occupying my mind whilst out riding.  The first was the above which is Latin for, Triumph Through Adversity.  Not really sure why I got to thinking it, and tried to remember which organisation or military unit uses it.  Turns out none specific but it has been used a number of times most noticeably by one of the Paralympic events one year.

This got me to thinking about a piece of classical music I heard recently which I think inspires and lifts.  The piece is Aaron Copland’s Fanfare For The Common Man.

I remember when I first heard this music, I was a small boy and it was used in one of the Olympic Games, (not sure which one but it must have been in the 70’s!).  I especially love the brass in the opening sequence, it sirs the heart and lifts the soul.  There is so much killing and unspeakable evil being done in our world right now, this music reminded me of the great capacity people have for doing good to each other.  Have a great week, if you are facing some sort of adversity then I hope you soon triumph, and, if like me you don’t mind being called common, enjoy your fanfare.


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Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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