Day’s 48, 49 & 50 OUCH!

As I mentioned in a previous days blog I had some issues with tooth pain.  Well that soon turned into full blown agony!

I went to see the Dentist who explained that I have an infection in one of my wisdom teeth and before they could do anything about it I had to take a course of ant-biotics first and then return next week to have the tooth extracted!  Meanwhile take whatever pain killer was most effective to deal with the pain, and it seems he answer to that was none of them were!  Day 48 I cycled to work as I usually do and the day started off ok.  Met the new head honcho of our department, who sat with me awhile to get an understanding of what we do.  He was a nice guy, the only other thing I can say about him is that he takes enthusiasm to a whole new level!  After he went that’s when things got bad!  The pain became unbearable, so much so I had to leave half an hour early and get my wife to come get me!  That evening was awful and it took forever for me to get some relief from the pain.

Day 49.  After a terrible night I woke realising that I had left my bike and all my cycling gear at work!  I got some advice from a pharmacist about effective pain relief and came away with something with a bit more oomf!  I have never bought pills before that have a warning in large letters that they, ‘may cause addiction of taken for too long’!  I sincerely hope that I wont be taking them long at all, the pharmacist stated that once the anti-biotics kicked in I would feel a whole lot better.  The new pills were doing their stuff so while I was, ‘dosed up’, and didn’t feel too bad my wife dropped me off at work and I grabbed my gear and my bike an made a steady ride home.  I am also glad to report that I had a much better nights sleep last night, so it seems the pills are starting to work.  Oh, I should mention at this point that another problem at the moment is that I cannot wear my glasses!  The reason for this is wear the arm presses against the side of my head it adds to the pain!  Which is inconvenient because I need them to, well, see!  It make typing this blog  interesting as I have to keep going back and making corrections!

Day 50, today.  My ride today will be a very, very short one to the newsagent to get a paper and home again.  The rest of my day will be resting, minus the specs, which I just realised I would need to read the paper I am gonna buy from the newsagent, DOH! Where’s that magnifying glass!

While I was sat awake the other night in lots of pain I got to thinking about the people who, for them, pain is a constant unwelcome companion.  The folk who suffer with serious medical conditions and have to cope with little or no relief, the young and old alike, and it made me say to myself, ‘get some perspective Martin, you have toothache, it could be worse’!  So to those people I say, not only do I empathise with you but HUGE respect for enduring and I hope you find relief, soon.


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Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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