Day 55 Monday sunshine.

Another sunny Monday morning, if it weren’t for the stiff breeze it would be quite warm.  the wind serves to remind, ‘hey, winter aint gone yet!”.

Had to wrap my face up to protect my sore tooth.  Its ok as long as no cold wind etc. gets on it, worked just fine so should be all systems go for work tomorrow.

My wife is off to North Africa on Wednesday for a week leaving me in charge of our three teenage kids! Actually she would probably say she is leaving 4 kids behind!  I think she is confident that things will be ok while she is gone, its funny because it got me to think about a great John Candy film,


If you’ve not seen the film, briefly its about a husband and wife who are called away to a family emergency and the only person they can get too look after the kids is Uncle Buck.  A bit of a loafer who is thrown into looking after three kids when he can barely look after himself.  One of my favourite scenes is where he cooks up the first breakfast he is there looking after the kids and instead of making loads of pancakes he makes one giant pancake,

pancakeI love how he is using a snow shovel!  It has given me an idea!!  Kids, I hope you like pancakes?


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Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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