Day 57 Bon Voyage

Quite a busy day today even though I am now on leave for a week!  Managed a short ride again but hoping to get a longer one in on Friday.

Its going to be an interesting week this week.  Mrs W has gone to North Africa for a week to work with some lovely families.  I have a lot of admiration for her because she is not a huge fan of air travel!  She is not the best at heights at the best of times so the thought of being up at 35,000 feet does not fill her with joy!  I love flying and  I’m fortunate that I have done a bit of travelling which has involved plenty of air travel.

It is an incredible feat of engineering that man has been able to harness the ability to fly.  Aerodynamics baffles my mind and I have a lot of admiration for people who do it for a living!  One of my heroes is the scientist, engineer an inventor Barnes Wallis. He is most famously known for designing the bouncing bomb which features in the film The Dam Busters.  One of the things that really strikes me about the attitude of people back then facing a problem was that if they needed to invent something in order solve a problem then they would do it.  To think that the idea for the bouncing bomb came from skipping marbles across a bath tub of water is genius in its simplicity.

The way that technology has advanced is astounding!  To think, I was able to follow Mrs W’s flight on an app on my mobile phone in the comfort of my own home, amazing!

map (2)


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