Day 61 Angry man’s wise words.

I am so glad that I went out for a quick ride before the wind and the rain moved in.  Wow! Its blowing up a good ‘un now!  Still had some time to ponder some thoughts that had been swimming around in my head.

I have mentioned in one of my previous blogs about the precious commodity time is.  Today a friend posted something on Facebook which struck a chord.


Now, I’ve never been too sure whether I like Mr Rollins or not.  I mean, this bloke takes angry to new levels, however, this is not the first time I have read something he said which made me stop and go hmmm.  He makes a very good point.  It stopped me in my tracks and made me start thinking about the time I waste, and believe me after a very short space of time I didn’t feel too good.  I concluded though that there was not much point now regretting the time I may or may not have wasted because I cant get it back!  What it has done though is challenged me, starting now, to make the most of every minute of every day.


About Martin's Bicycle Musings.

Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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