Day 72 Morning has broken.

This is a retrospective update from yesterdays ride due to some technical issues with the laptop!

I have enjoyed the challenge of riding my bike in the winter, however, compared to some of my fellow cyclists we have been very fortunate in the UK as we have just had a very mild winter with practically no snow in places and few frosty mornings.  It is such a joy now to be going out very early in the morning just as the sun is coming up and its already getting light.

I was enjoying this when I reminded myself of the classic song, ‘Morning Has Broken’.  My earliest recollection of that song was when I was very small and at primary school.  We would file into the main hall in the morning for assembly and it was the usual practice to play a piece of music, our head teacher had a penchant for Morning Has Broken.  It brings back fond memories of those time and I always have a smile of my face when I hear the song, the Cat Stevens version of course!  I used it to great effect last year to wake my two daughters!  My son, the youngest of the three, wakes as soon as his alarm goes off and is up and getting ready, no problems.  My daughters on the other hand, especially my youngest daughter, it is nightmare to say the least.  You practically have to drag her bedding off before she will move.  Last summer I found Morning Has Broken on Youtube and would play it on my phone, loud, left outside their bedroom doors.  It works!  Introducing them to the classics!

Errandonnee update: I am pleased to report that I only have a couple of errands left to run, however, I am going to be real sad when it is over!  It has not only been great fun but also given me fresh idea for my daily rides.  I know that most of the folk taking part are based in the U.S.A but it has been awesome sharing the experience, thanks so much.


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