Days 76 & 77 Treasure the questions.

Yesterdays ride home from work was a good one.  On average it take me 15 minutes to cycle to work, so I have been trying to beat this and got a good PB yesterday of 11 mins 57 secs.  Target is 10 mins.  Ride today was nice even though it was raining!  There was no wind though and the temperature was quite mild so I had a more leisurely, contemplative ride.

For the last couple of days I have had a song going round in my head.  Its strange because I’ve not heard it for quite some time but I found myself thinking about it and even humming it.  The song is ‘Treasure The Questions’ by Martyn Joseph.  Martyn is an amazing musician and the album this song is off, An Aching and A Longing, is incredible and was very significant during a challenging time in my life.

Have a listen, its a great song which is also challenging.  I think the reason why I have been thinking about this song is perhaps because I have had so many questions swimming about in my head recently.  The most common of these is, ‘why?’  I wonder if we took a global poll and asked people from all sorts of nations what was the most common question I wonder if they would say it includes the word why?  The need to have answers I think is more prevalent now that we live in a global village.  Now that we have access to instant media 24/7 the question ‘why’ becomes almost becomes expected and a right to know the answer is automatic!  Children ask so many questions as they are growing up and often adults must have an answer, which is sometimes followed with another, why!

I have been coming to reconcile the fact that I don’t know all the answers, and will never know all the answers!  Martyn Joseph puts it simply at the beginning of his song when he says, ‘There’s nothing wrong with not understanding everything.’ Sounds good to me.


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Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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