Cycling a Century – Day 100

Cycle home from work this morning on day 100 of my 365 day challenge.

A lovely morning, warm with the sun coming up and the promise of a warm day ahead.  It was great to receive this in the post this morning,


Snail mail from Mary a reminder of the fun that was Errandonnee back in March.

The riding is going extremely well and I am still loving it.  It helps having my new bike which I am VERY pleased with.  So much lighter than my old bike and a really comfortable riding position with the Dutch handlebars.  Been doing regular commutes to work and some other smaller rides.  The other weekend I went on a great ride with a friend from work.  Managed to notch up a good 40+ km on a disused railway line to the village of Fledborough which is just over the border in Nottinghamshire.

viaductA view of the old viaduct we cycled over, crosses the River Trent.

Fledborough is a small hamlet of a village which goes back to medieval times and was mentioned in the original Domesday book.  It was first owned by non other than Lady Godiva, she of the naked horseback protest ride!  We ended up at the church in the village, St Gregory’s, the first rector of the church was recorded in 1287.

church1That is 205 years before Columbus discovered America!  One of the amazing features of this church is that it still has complete Medieval stained glass windows which date back to the 13 century.

windowHere is a small sample of  Medieval stained glass, it is an incredible feeling being so close to something that is over 700 years old!

It was a great ride, thoroughly enjoyed it.  Helped by the fact that I am fitter now than I have been for many years!  As well as my daily cycle I am also using the Gym at work to get some extra cardio in as well.  All good training for the London Nightrider in June.


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