Day 111 Loving the spring rides.

Really enjoy riding in the lovely spring sunshine.  Managing to get in some reasonable distances and feeling good afterwards, which is really encouraging.  Rather than feeling like my legs have been filled with lead my recovery is much quicker.

washy 1Todays ride to Bardney was great.  Was hoping to go a bit further but needed to get some new tyres fitted on the car this morning!  Hardly anyone about on the trail today, couple of dog walkers and some fellow cyclists. Stop and had lunch in the sunshine with a load of swans.  Just wondering what a flock of swans is called, if they are in flight then they are called a wedge due to them flying in a V formation.  They are also known as a Bevy when they are not in flight.

riseholmeRide to Riseholme and had to stop to take this picture.  A springtime scene of sheep with their lambs, some Canada geese in the background, a woodpecker flying past and some bulbs blooming, lovely.

Train tickets are now booked for the Nightrider challenge on the 6th June.  Getting very excited now, the route has been published and its taking in all the best parts central London.

Yesterday I was taken by surprise by the kindness of people I have never met before.  The generosity of strangers never ceases to bowl me over, whether its their time and a listening ear or financial support it lifts my soul.


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Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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2 Responses to Day 111 Loving the spring rides.

  1. Dan In Iowa says:

    What are you up to on mile per ride now? This is cool!!

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    • Well as I am riding every day there is not really an average. My commute to work is four miles each way and then during my days off I get in a least one longer ride. Today was a nice twenty miles and I have done a couple of 30 mile rides. It’s like working of a curve that as time goes by the mileage is increasing, I’ve many years of sitting around to make up for!

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