Martin is going to ride 51 weeks of the year!

Back from the blog wilderness and I have some breaking news.

From the start of the year I was determined to cycle every day of 2015.  To date I have done that, through all weathers and suffering with sever toothache!  I managed to get out on my bike every day but I have reached a dilemma which means that there is going to be a week where going out on my bike is going to cause far too many problems.  We are going away to North Wales for a family holiday and staying in the glorious Snowdonia National Park, the accommodation we are staying in is the top floor of an old railway station accessed by an iron spiral staircase.  There is no where that I could store my bike, also getting my bike the 200+ miles across country is also going to be an issue.

One of the things I wanted to ensure would not happen is for this challenge to take over my life, or at the very least not become a burden. So I have decided that instead of cycling 365 days I am going to, (as far as possible!) cycle 51 weeks of the year.  I don’t look at it as failing, that is evident to me in all the things I have done with cycling and a huge one of those is how much fitter I feel.  I am going to modify, or adapt the challenge for the second half of the year.  I am going to take on something that has been a struggle for me for a long while and that is my weight!  So, as well as cycling every day I am going to do it more healthily, watching what I eat and my fitness in general.

I read this quote recently by Henry Ford:

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.

Through this challenge I have a hobby which is a sport which is something that I really, really enjoy.  I plan to do some long rides later this year and hope to get back out to the Peak District.  So for me cycling is a win, win.


About Martin's Bicycle Musings.

Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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