Back on two wheels.

It appears that making the tough decision of not taking my bike on holiday was a good call.  The place we were staying was awesome but there was no where that I could have stored it!  There were times while we were out that I found myself thinking, ‘wow, this would be an amazing place to cycle!’, maybe one day.  Especially when you are faced with a backdrop such as this:


Looking at the three peaks in the far distance to the right of the photo the one on the left is Mount Snowdon, the tallest peak in Wales.  I am proud to say that I have climbed it on one of the more challenging paths.  It is breath taking.

There were loads of folk cycling in the area.  Some groups and some individual riders with their bikes racked up with all their belongings.  The whole place lends itself to cycling and camping as there are many places to stop and rest.

Now that I am back I am out and about again.  Managed to keep the hiatus on the bike down to exactly seven days so it will be 52 weeks in 2015.  My family have suggested that I do the week into 2016 and that would give me the year on the bike!  It seems a bit cheeky but seeing as I made the rules for this venture, why not!  A good friend of our has kindly given me a bike carrier which attaches to the rear of our car and can carry up to three bikes.  I have now got the option of driving to some really cool places which would have been too far to cycle from home.  Already looking to go back to the Peak District with a couple of friends and doing some trials there.

Some further exciting news.  I mentioned that in the second half of my challenge I am going to endeavour to loose some weight, well I have already found that has started to happen anyway!  I bought some great fleece tops while away and was pleasantly surprised that I could by a size smaller than I usually wear!  I also discovered while we were away and doing some walking that I am much, much fitter as well.  I am not ashamed to say it but I love cycling!


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Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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