Still on one leg!

It is now a week since I tore my Achilles tendon and I wish I could say I was on my feet again!  Just as I begin to think that its getting better I get a twinge of pain to remind me that this is going to be a slooooooow process!  As a child I did my fair share of injuries, broken bones, stiches, twisted ankles and the like.  From what I remember having periods of forced rest was pretty cool!  However as an adult I must confess I am getting a bit fed up, especially today as I write this, the weather is a sweltering 63c or in old money, (which is the best kind!) 81f and I am having to keep my leg elevated and rested!

More than once I have thought about where I could be going on my bike right now!  Along the river for one thing would be spot on today.  My lovely wife sensing my frustration treated me to a cycling magazine.  I have never purchased one before because the riders in them are young, fit, racing snakes!  I have read it pretty much cover to cover and I have picked up some good tips.  There is a supplement in there about fitness which I am finding very useful, (no pun intended!).

bike mag

Again as I put my situation into perspective I have just read about the refugees trying to get into Macedonia from Greece.  The whole matter is such a mess, from Calais and other countries in Europe to the recent news items.  Seeing people who have left their homes, their countries, their families or even taking their families with them.  It breaks my heart and makes me thankful once again for all I have.


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One Response to Still on one leg!

  1. bicycley says:

    its not until you cant ride that you realise how fantastic cycling actually is! Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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