Platimun Wedding and Coffeenuring.

Pleased to report that my Achilles injury is recovering nicely.  I have come to realise though that having not been in the saddle for a while I am really feeling it.  It got a bit frustrating because it almost felt like being back at square one!  I am persevering though and hope to get a longer ride in tomorrow out to a brand new mega bike store which has opened at Doddington Hall. I will add a report about that on my blog.

On the 14th me and Anne celebrated out 20th wedding anniversary!  Anne must get some sort of medal now for putting up with me for that long!  We had a lovely day out by going to Rufford Abbey  we have been here numerous time, especially when our kids were younger.  Had a lovely walk around the lake and enjoyed a coffee and a scone.


The weather got a bit damp so we got back on the road and saw some signs for Creswell Crags, our curiosity kicked in and we decided to check it out.  So pleased we did because it was stunning. Creswell Crags is the location of an ice age settlement and its visitor centre was quite a building, check out the link.


We got back home and went out for a meal at a quite posh establishment, well you have to push the boat out now and again, it was delicious.  Oh, almost forgot to mention.  Our kids had made some wonderful cards for us and got us a lovely present, they put together a lovely surprise breakfast.  They really are the best.

Having successfully completed the Errandonnee earlier this year I was up for the challenge of Coffenuering.  Got three rides in under my belt now and am really enjoying it.  The ride today was a Latte out at Lincoln Castle and its was a lovely day for it.  Not too chilly and a lovely blue sky with plenty of sunshine.  The Castle grounds are free to enter and even though there is a sign which states, ‘no cycles’ the dude at the gate said I could go in and lock it up by the education centre, nice chap.


The keys in the frame were all old keys from the old Gaol building which is within the castle wall.  The bust is that of King George III.  My friends in the US might remember him as the king who lost the American Colonies!  He is also immortalised in the film, The Madness of King George.


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