Visiting a Giant.

Today was a good day to ride out to the brand new cycle store at Doddington Hall.  Most of the bike shops in Lincoln are either small independent stores which are generally staffed by friendly, helpful staff  or part of larger chains which don’t quite have the same atmosphere.

Doddington Hall is about 10 miles from home and to get to it most of the route is on the National Cycle Network;


On the way there I was riding into a steady head wind but thankfully with is being so sunny it felt really warm.  The last part of the journey was along quite a busy road but there wasn’t too much traffic.  I cycled through Jerusalem;


and then out along some beautiful tree lined fields which were being ploughed.  When cycling not only do you become closer to nature you get to enjoy the smells of being outdoors and in the country, I love it.

The Giant Cycle store has just opened and they also have a small café attached to it.  Got down there and met Anne, who had arrived by car.  I had already had a good look around and it was immediately noticeable that this stuff was not cheap!  There is no doubt though that the bike quality is very good, the carbon fibre bikes were insanely light!  The range of bikes also was very comprehensive and for all types of biking, even the electric bikes are impressive.


A good range of accessories and helmets but I don’t think I will be shopping there!  Nice coffee.


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  1. bribikes says:

    I am so glad you are back on the road 🙂

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