Coffeeneuring Collection

This is my first year taking part in the Coffeeneuring Challenge and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.  One of the things that has really been a highlight for me is being part of a community of cyclists who enjoy cycling and coffee and reading out others journeys.  Here is my collection of rides this year.

Ride #1

photo 1

Ride out to the memorial at the old RAF Fiskerton Airfield, one of the many airfields that the Lancaster bombers flew from.  It was a lovely sunny morning, a gentle 4 mile ride.  Took my own brew and sat on one of the benches and enjoyed the tranquillity.

Ride #2

Ride 2 Another 4 mile ride but this time enjoying a coffee and a home made cake in my in-laws back garden with my eldest daughter Becka.  This was taken on another lovely Sunday afternoon, my in-laws are avid gardeners and their garden is always well kept.

Ride #3


As I work shifts and was due to be working over the weekend this ride was done mid-week.  Another sunny morning and loved cycling the five mile route into what is known as the Cathedral Quarter.  The Castle grounds are free to enter and the Castle has recently has a multi-million pound make over, it was money well spent.  We are fortunate that the Castle is home to one of the four original copies of the Magna Carta.  As I was about to pass through the Castle gates there was a sign which said, ‘NO BIKES’!  I asked the chap on the gate if there was anywhere I could lock my bike up and he was extremely helpful and directed me to a spot near to the new education centre.  After having a wander round the grounds I went and had a very nice Latte with very friendly staff. Over all a very cultured place to have a coffee.

Ride #4

ride 4

This was to be my longest ride of the seven as I am still getting back to normal following a torn Achilles tendon.  Rode 10 miles to the new Giant Bikes superstore which has just opened at Doddington Hall.  Wow!  Amazing shop with bikes for every activity, cycle cross, mountain, road and even electric!  They have a café in the shop as well, very chic!  Staff were very friendly and approachable, they have people to help with all your cycling needs even someone to coach you in your technique.

Ride #5

ride 5

Started off being just foggy but the weather soon turned into a heavy downpour!  Four wet miles into Lincoln City centre and a Latte at Café Nero helped dry me out.  If I am going to go to a ‘chain’ coffee house I must admit I do like their coffee and the staff are always really friendly.  I took the photo of my wife walking to the shop where I parked up my bike in the city.  Unfortunately some brainless moron/s have bent all the bike racks so parking your bike involves some balancing against someone else’s

Ride #6

ride 6

When I was planning where to go this place had slipped my mind.  The Cherry Tree Café is exactly three miles door to door from our house but along a very busy main road.  Within out County it is one of the Red Routes, this identifies it as a road which has had serious of fatal collisions!  Thankfully there is a decent foot/cycle path along it with plenty of distance from the road side.  The Café is a bit of a local land mark as it has a home made Space Capsule and Dr Who Tardis!  It also does a very nice Latte.

Ride # 7

ride 7

I had planned to go somewhere else on my last ride, however I deliberately chose to go to this place as I wanted my coffee to go in this particular cup!  Its not too far from the new Tank Memorial which was unveiled this year.  Its an impressive design and in an ideal location, on one of the busiest roundabouts in the city.  I had timed my coffee perfectly, I just got outside as the Cathedral chimed 11am on the 11th of November.  I stood for a minutes silence out of respect and to remember the sacrifice made by those who have served not only I the first world war but who still serve in the armed forces today.


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    A great collection 🙂

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