Grimace! What a pain!

From bad to worse!

As I mentioned in my last blog I had been suffering with a niggling pain in my right shoulder blade and just as I was getting to grips with that I did a silly thing on the way to work one evening! I cycled down a track that I’ve been down many, many times before and at the bottom of the track there are two sets of railings which are easy negotiated on bike, however on this occasion I miss-judged how close I got to the first railing and whacked my elbow with quite some force. At the time it was very painful but for the next two or three days I didn’t think anything more of it until the early hours of one morning I was awoken with excruciating pain which was so bad that I had to wake my poor wife and get her to take me to the emergency room at a 4:45 in the morning! After a couple of x-rays the doctor had diagnosed that I’d caused some damage to my nerves in my right elbow, and the remedy of which is just to rest! Easier said than done! I’m right-handed and it was in my right elbow and it was very painful. I’ve broken bones, sprained ankles and pulled muscles but this pain was quite something else. For a couple of days the only thing I could do to keep comfortable and stop the pain was just to lay flat on the floor and not move at all. I had another appointment at the doctors yesterday and the result of that I was prescribed me some painkillers which have anti-inflammation in and I just have to rest, they’ve written me off work for the rest of the month. Again I have to do very little as far as possible that is certainly no cycling, booooo!  As far as January is concerned this month has been pretty much a write-off so I’m starting my new year in February!


I had to go to the pharmacy yesterday to get some pills that the doctor had prescribed me and while I was out I struck on the idea of popping in to the library to see if I can get some books on cycling. I wanted to try and avoid the usual Lance Armstrong or Bradley Wiggins biographies, I wanted to find something a bit different. After a bit of searching I came across three cracking books to read during my enforced rest. I am starting with a book called The Lost Cyclist which is the untold story of Frank Lenz’s ill-fated around the world journey by bike.



Its fascinating a fascinating read, set in the late 1800s, Lentz was from Pittsburgh and made a name for himself racing ‘big wheelers’ which we know better in this country as the Pennyfarthing bike.



The reports which are contained in the book about bike racing on these large bikes is amazing all I can think is that the guys are used to ride these things were not only fearless but incredibly fit. So, for now unfortunately I will not be blogging about my own cycling exploits but from time to time I might share about some of the books I’m reading and the inspiration that they are giving me as well as some of the other bloggers that I’m reading and their bike riding experiences well. I’m also making good use of this time to try and plan out, all being well, some rides I can do this year.

P.S. I was not able to type this so used an app on my phone to dictate what I wanted to write! Technology, nice one.


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2 Responses to Grimace! What a pain!

  1. capejohn says:

    One of my favorite bicycle adventure books may help you get through your recovery.

    Dead Poets Society meets Stand By Me as 5 real 12- and 13-yr.-olds ride their bicycles 5,000 miles across America. They want to see if their country is as wonderful as their teacher says it is.

    Hey Mom. Can I Ride My Bike Across America

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  2. Brian says:

    That book, The Lost Cyclist, looks fascinating, I’d not heard about Frank Lenz before, such a sad tale but I’m compelled to see if my local library can source a copy for me. And well done for dictating the post to your phone!

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