Errandonnee update – the errands so far.

Its that time of year again when a new word features large in our vocabulary, Errandonnee.

This will be my second year taking part, and its great.  Its really added a fun and creative slant to cycling, added to the fact that I am part of a global group of cyclists who are all doing the same thing regardless of age, experience, fitness or time zone!

Day one, the 4th of March my Birthday and a social call to my in laws house to say hi and thank you for the card.

FullSizeRender (3)

I had to squeeze my bike in the hallway , I didn’t bring my lock and I wasn’t going to leave it outside without it!

Day 2 was a trip to the store to get some lightbulbs, why is it we never seem to have any until we really need them?

errand day 2

Got a bit wet! (sorry the picture sizes are different!)

Day three and a commute to work.  I am very fortunate that my ride is through some amazing scenery, my work is in a great location.

errand day 3

I’m loving the lighter mornings.

Day four and some personal business, had to go to the post office and send off my daughters passport which needed renewing.

errand day 4

Day five and we are gonna go for you carried what!  Unless I can come up with something more creative, (I’ll try for it!) my wife’s C.V. for a new job she is applying for, hand delivered.

Oh, I got even wetter!  The second picture is the path through the nearby park which is now a river.  Curious to note that my speed is showing as zero!

Day six is a triple whammy, Non-store errand, store and Arts and Entertainment.  Our model of car was recalled as they found that the heater has a tendency to catch fire!  So I put my bike in the boot and drove down to the dealers whereby they told me it would be about three and a half hours!  Took the time to ride to a sports clothing store and bought a new waterproof jacket for cycling, its a vibrant green with black sleeves.  Had plenty of time left so cycled to the Cathedral Quarter which is on my way home.  It is a brilliant mixture of very old and some modern architecture which fits well together, Lincoln Cathedral being the centre piece.


That’s it for now, a few more errands to get in, watch this space.

About Martin's Bicycle Musings.

Husband, Dad, follower of The Way, Keeper of the peace and taking mid-life by the throat
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2 Responses to Errandonnee update – the errands so far.

  1. bribikes says:

    Great errands so far, Martin! And you reminded me that I need to buy light bulbs as well…I used up my last replacement a few days ago and completely forgot about restocking my supply.

    Liked by 1 person

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